The Doutre Fonchima Foundry

Our Story, our Fondry

The Doutre Fonchima Foundry was created in 2002 by Mr Gérard Doutre, still located in the town of Le Lion d’Angers in Maine-et-Loire, it specialises in the manufacture of cast aluminium and brass plaques.

Our customers are associations, local authorities, industrialists, retailers and private individuals. The company was taken over in 2020 by Romain Doutre (the son) who became the third generation of smelters in the family. All the products are hand-made, we have invested in a digital machine to be able to develop our products and thus meet demand.

The company’s activity is divided into three different parts: competition plaques (agricultural, equestrian, canine, etc.), which account for a large part of our turnover, but road and industrial plaques have risen sharply during the crisis, which has enabled the company to expand its know-how.

Qualified craftsman

Made in France

100% hand-made

Bespoke, for you

The Doutre Fonchima Foundry can carry out all your projects : whether you are an individual, a professional or a community, our know-how and our machines will allow us to create your projects, from the simplest to the most complex. Our experience has enabled us to develop several products by combining several materials, which can interest a large public. For any design, contact us by mail or by phone.

With almost 20 years of experience, the Doutre Fonchima foundry has been able to combine modernity with an old-fashioned way of manufacturing. Quality and expertise are the two words that reflect our work.


ZA, Impasse Jean Bertin, 1 La Sablonnière,
49220 Le Lion-d’Angers

Monday to Thursday : 8am – 12am | 1pm – 5pm
Friday : 8am- 12am | 1pm – 4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday : closed

For 20 years, the Doutre Fonchima Foundry has been making competition and agricultural plaques, trophies, roadways, brass number plaques and engravings, and custom-made plaques in Le Lion d'Angers.


ZA, Impasse Jean Bertin
1 La Sablonnière,
49220 Le Lion-d'Angers

Monday to Thursday : 8am - 12am | 1pm - 5pm
Friday : 8am- 12am | 1pm - 4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday : closed


Competitions and agriculture



Industrial and railway

Brass and engravings