Industrial and Railway plaques

Quality and expertise

At Doutre Fonchima Foundry, we make our plaques by hand in our workshop in Le Lion d’Angers.

We work with industrialists for the manufacture of aluminium or brass marking plaques. We are able to work on small or large series, according to your needs. We also have the possibility of making custom-made products.

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Some examples of industrial and railway plaques

For 20 years, the Doutre Fonchima Foundry has been making competition and agricultural plaques, trophies, roadways, brass number plaques and engravings, and custom-made plaques in Le Lion d'Angers.


ZA, Impasse Jean Bertin
1 La Sablonnière,
49220 Le Lion-d'Angers

Monday to Thursday : 8am - 12am | 1pm - 5pm
Friday : 8am- 12am | 1pm - 4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday : closed


Competitions and agriculture



Industrial and railway

Brass and engravings